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About our team/Biographies 

Monika Ormos, Owner/Designer 

Interior Designer, Home Furnisher and Feng Shui Professional from Hungary/Budapest.

She studied and obtained her diploma from Interior Design Institute Of New York. 

Her diverse background from Greece, Italy, Spain and Hungary has given her the opportunity to experience first hand design ideas from the Mediterranean all the way to the USA.

Her career started in Chicago, IL, continued to Colorado and recently creating beauty in California, Florida, Nevada, Arizona and mainly all over in the USA. 

With her years of professional experience  and work ethic, you are guaranteed to get the best quality and style of Mopa design withstand "where quality and style meet affordable prices"!

Her first Design Studio/Showroom was opened in Carlsbad CA, then opened her gorgeous 3 unit Studio/showroom in Oceanside, CA where clients can wander around her beautiful designs and upscale furnitures among one of a kind art exhibition of pictures and sculptures from Artist all over the World.

To contact Monika, feel free to email or call/text to 1-858-952-2825


Piros Ormos, Graphic Designer, Artist/Miami, SE Florida Representative

Design instinct runs in the family, as Piros is the sister of the head of Mopa design. 

She owns and operate her own Fashion design line of unique and stylish clothings in Hungary. 

Well traveled to Italy and the Mediterranean, she loves history and architect design in rural countries and getting inspirations each and every visits. 

Her refined taste in any kind of design is recognized immediately, what ever she touches, becomes gold...

Working with her is above expectation, with her unique design vision, you are guaranteed getting the best. 

to Contact Piros, feel free to email or call/text  1-239-544-0974


Beatrix Finta Stilwell, Designer/ SW Florida Representative

She had the opportunity to learn about architectural design at early age, which led her to work in the creative field since 1995. Her European background and experiences throughout the World continually given her the opportunity to master new design and architectural ideas and bring it to her clients.  

She is a professional design consultant , marketing director  & MOPA Design Representative,

located in the SW Florida Region.

Her passion is to create a home, not just a house, with the most desirable, unique and upscale furnitures at an affordable price. 


To contact Beatrix, please email or call/text to 1-239-404-7921 


Eunice D'Alba, Designer/Realtor/International Relation

Her passion for design started after her successful real estate career. She is also a Director of an International business development and managing a furniture manufacturer's international relation. 

Frequently attending in design, furniture, sports & trade shows in Europe, Latin America and in the USA that helped to understanding different Client's needs. She speaks fluently Spanish and English,  Conversational Italian, Portuguese & French. With her expertise and knowledge over the years she created long lasting relationships by creating solutions that will translate into clients' vision. She worked in managing & sales for 20 years. In manufacturing hospitality for 13 years. Manufacturing world all together 23 years. 

To contact Eunice, please email her or text/call to 1-858-229-4443


Farrah Christean, Designer/North California Representative 

With a deep desire to help others, Farrah obtained her degree and certifications in the medical field.

Her true passion, however, is architectural design, interior design and home furnishing. The ambition and enthusiasm Farrah has for design comes from her Iranian heritage. Born in Iran, her family migrated to the United States when she was just two years old, briefly residing in Switzerland along the journey. While traveling to Tokyo and Osaka several years ago, she was captivated by the contrasts in design styles across various cultures.

This experience launched her focus on a career in the field of design and home furnishings. Her inherent creativity, sophistication and elegance can certainly help you create a luxurious style at a comfortable price.


To contact Farrah please email 


Agnes Harris, Designer/OC, California Representative 


Our diva with high-end design vision. Her ability to create beauty is natural. Her imagination has no limits when it comes to home furnishing, creating the desired ambiance. Well traveled and experienced in the design field, both

in Europe and in the USA. Besides her interior design skills, she is comfortable in fashion design, makeup & body arts. Working with Agnes, you are guaranteed a one of a kind experience in your home furnishing journey.

To contact Agnes, feel free to email her


Hajnalka Mester Toth, Designer/Colorado representative 

She joined Mopa Design team to fulfill her keen interest for creating beautiful & functional living environments, with delicate and esthetically appealing design. She is here to help you make tasteful selections of all the quality furniture items that Mopa Design carries from various manufacturers for a fraction of their market values. Working with Hajni will give you comfort and satisfaction all in one as you work together on furnishing your home with professional help.

To contact Hajnalka, please email


Solya Soleil, Designer/Chicago, Illinois representative 

She is a part of this creative team of amazing Women at Goldustudio as a makeup artist and hair stylist.  

However her sense of beauty is presets in everything, including herself, her home, their business with her husband,

a distinguished French restaurant. 

She is passionate about beauty to interior spaces and she strongly believe that "our home reflects our inner world". recently reconnected with an amazing and very talented friend: Monika Ormos, who inspired her to join their team at Mopa design.


She Is a true believer in constant growth and the unique creativity of each person can bring to an amazing team that  Monika is building with her exquisite taste in interior design. 


To contact Solya, please email to 


Violetta Kovacs Real Estate/Las Vegas, NV representative

Originality has always been at the heart of Violetta's rare savvy and innate skill. Her sense of style is not only wonderfully talented but most importantly, unmistakably natural... a gift. Violetta holds an understanding that, style is a deep expression of self we share with others. For her, the feeling and flow of architecture has always been instinctively articulated into stunning interior design matched only by a clients imagination. It's art perfectly amalgamated with it's surroundings and ambiance desired. Violetta has always had the ability to easily bring out the elegant, inviting and unforgettable in any setting, of any type.


To contact Violetta, please email to or call 1-773-837-5709


Eva Zoe McLaughlin, Designer/Georgia Representative

What a great gift to have Zoe to our professional group of designers. She experienced the Mediterranean first hand and fall in love with the cultural influence of nowadays modern design. 

Her keen interest in interior design and home furnishing started at her early ages and grow over the years.

She created beautiful and tasteful designs in Georgia with great appreciations of her clients. 

Working with Zoe, you will experience the best of Mopa Design has to offer. 

To contact Zoe, please email 
























*I’ve had an amazing experience with this lovey lady. She’s fully transformed our house into a beautiful, chic yet comfortable home. Her ideas are current and fresh. I’ll always look to Monika to help with any decor decisions. Pictures coming soon! Big bonus, MoPa Designs have surprising low prices but you don’t jeopardize quality.

So far, she has furnished 5 rooms of furniture for us and each piece is very high quality and exactly or more than what we expected. To say we are happy is an understatement. Ecstatic is more appropriate. Jeana A. 

*I have not yet purchased any furniture for my new home, but I have been very pleased with the level of communication Monika has provided just within the past days!! She has been very helpful, and I can tell she will take the time to answer any questions I have. She has already made great suggestions that fit what I'm looking for. Don't hesitate to reach out to her! Karina E.


* Amazing service and great quality designs and furnishings! I loved working with Monika, she was so helpful and so creative! can't wait to work with her again! Tiffany L. 

* WOW! What an awesome quality and value for the money I have paid.

   Thank you Monika for all the great suggestion. Timothy A.  

* Monika has an amazing eye for color and scale, AMAZING! I have had the pleasure of living in a small space furnished by MoPa Design and I was amazed at how she was able to make an outdated space modernized with paint, varnish, and small-scale furniture to fit the space. I loved coming home every day and the compliments were never ending. Christel B 

* Thank you so much for helping us create the design we were aiming for. Christina G. 

* Monika! What a great find you are!!! I am so happy I contacted you,

   thank you so much for all the great ideas and high-end quality furnitures. Melanie P.

* Very talented! Glad I found you! Looking forward to work with you more in the future. Chris B. 

* Finally! A designer that doesn't break the bank and damn what a good one! John R. 

* Monika is amazing!!! She has very high-end quality furniture for the best prices. She has a beautiful spirit and very personal touch to help with all your design needs. I'm so happy with my bedroom  furniture and absolutely love how expensive it looks. Thank you Monika for the best price and quality. Janet P.M.

* To see her work is like watching Michelangelo paint.

She brings home decor to a whole another level!! Jermaine S. 

* She is just simply the BEST! Kata K. 

* Upsss, I got a broken bar chair, but Monika was kindly exchanged by the next day!

   Everything else are just simply amazing, not even mention how great deal we got! ,

   We love our new furnitures and how beautiful our home looks now thanks to Monika! Lisa B. 

* I am amazed how good are the quality and design of her furniture comparing how low is the price,

   I can't believe how she can have her prices so low. Tamara D. 

* My new place looks amazing! Thank you Monika for the great price and gorgeous furniture.

  I will recommend you to all my family and friends. Tina F. 

* That tiny Design Studio of her's  is like a little jewelry box. Beautifully representing her design and the quality of the furnitures are like any upscale home furnishing stores minus the high prices.  

Thank you for everything Monika! Isabella K.

* Her work stands for what she promises! Fun working with her on my vacation rental project!

Two thumbs up! Thomas B.






Erika Budai-Wegman, Colorado Representative
To contact Erika, please email or call 1-970-232-6777

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