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Piros Ormos, Designer/Graphic artist 

Design instinct runs in the family, as Piros is the sister of the head of Mopa design. 

She owns and operate her own Fashion design line of unique and stylish clothings in Hungary. 

However, she recently discovered her passion for graphic design arts. 

She is Well traveled to Italy and the Mediterranean, she loves history and architect design in rural countries and getting inspirations each and every visits. 

Her refined taste in any kind of design is recognized immediately, what ever she touches, becomes gold...

Working with her is above expectation, with her unique design vision, you are guaranteed getting the best. 

to Contact Piros, feel free to call/text  1-239-544-0974

Anita 2.jpeg

Anita Friedrich Photography 

Anita is a successful photographer and artist based in San Diego.
She started photography more than 6 years ago, chasing sunsets and all the beauty that Mother Nature offered, from macro, landscapes, long exposure and night photography. That evolved into mastering photography in every way. She learned from mentors and photography friends, went back to college to gain a degree in photography.
She learned black and white film photo production and digital photography, mastered all the basic elements of the camera and art. 
She met with many amazing artists during this journey, and she held her first big art exhibition in San Diego in 2018. This show and her unique way of capturing lead her to many magazine features and a large following on social media.  
Her beautiful captures are available at Mopa Design Studio from May 7th. 


  The Art of OZ

Shirin Aghdaie Artist, Painter & graphic designer 

originally from Iran and now residing in San Diego, CA is a graduate of Tehran University of Art and Architecture.
Her paintings prominently feature women’s figures and mirrors. Shirin, through her reflective mirror work, beautifully captures the essence and beauty of the faces of Shahnameh’s women, intertwining their stories with visual narratives. Mirror artwork is a characteristic material and special innovation in Persian decorative arts and architecture.
Mirror is the symbol of light, purity, honesty, and clarity in Persian culture.

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