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For many more awesome design visit the following websites and let us know all you are interested, We'll give you the lowest market prices.  
Email to    
(Click on each link to navigate to their website) 
Diamond Sofa 
VIG Furniture 
Alder and Tweed 
Feizy Rugs 
Primitive Collections 
Nest Collections  
Meridian Furniture 
Yosemite Home Decor 
Coaster Fine Furniture 
Classic Home (Login PW Mopadesign1!)
Dovetail Home(Login PW Mopadesign23!)

Fast & Free Nationwide Delivery !!!
Drop shipment only! Assembly and setup not including!
Return Policy!
*In the event of damages, items are returned to manufacture and given an even exchange
for no extra cost in a timely manner. 

In order to return any items need to be back to its original shape and packaging. Strictly enforced!!!
*Simply don't like it? No worries!
We can still take items back for as low as 25% restocking fee
as long its back to its original packaging. 
Strictly enforced!!!

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